About Us

This illustrates our purpose and struggles throughout the journey to reach the desired destination.

Who we are?

“Startupore” is a business entity that creates services to serve quality products and reliable services to corporate clients and retail customers. It is a startup holding company that already has a bunch of subsidiaries. The company is actively working in various fields of science, engineering, and technology at the same time and trying to figure out solutions for many unsolved problems.

Purpose & Goal

At Startupore, we believe, without creativity, this world is nothing but a monochromatic photo. And that’s why, by believing in creativity, we have started working on several projects. In that case, our primary purpose is to develop an ecosystem for startups and let those grow like a tree of a cold frame. Although we are a business, investment, and business profit-oriented company, we have focused on research and analysis. Currently, we are working on general education, civil engineering, architectural engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, and psychology. In this case, our primary goal is to provide a better and modern lifestyle. However, as we are a pure business and analysis-focused company, we accept foreign investment or donations to carry out the research.


Meet Young Earths, the former name of our company. At the end of 2012, we started our journey. The logo of Young Earths was designed by one of our well-wishers and friend Md. Mumen Shahrear Himel. He was drafting the logo while we were enjoying tea at a local tong(tea stall) at Boyra, Khulna. In 2018, we changed our name from Young Earths to Startupore. We got registered under the local government in 2019.

We have been conducting business for
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Since 12 December, 2012

Fun Facts

The given illustration illustrates the story of our brand logo, company, and its revolution. Let’s dig deep. It will be fun. So, the logo has 7 different parts.
1. First Portion: The most probable meaning of the first portion is a project undertaken by an entrepreneur to develop a business model. That’s why at Startupore, we always work on ideas and turn them into successful business models.
2. Middle Portion: The mid-portion is a part of the first portion. It describes our progress. However, it works better with the up arrow symbol together.
3. Last Portion: The lexical meaning of “ore” is a solid natural rock that contains one or more valuable metals, that can be mined and sold at a profit. In our case it means a group of startup companies.
4. Up Arrow: This symbol describes our progress. It works better with the middle portion.
5. Rocket: In this scenario the rocket in the logo illustrates our path and expected destination. It also pictures our passion, purpose, and goal.
6. Combustion: Literally, it’s nothing but our thrust. By the way, it’s the money, getting burned brutally!
7. Logo: The linguistic meaning of the logo is an ore of startups.

Hair's getting replaced by experience
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Since 12 December, 2012